Who we are

Policy Analysis and Development Research Institute (PADRI) is a research and training Institution to foster knowledge generation and dissemination for development through evidence-based quality research; capacity building and policy formulation.

We have continued delivering on our core research and training in the areas of policy analysis, impact evaluation and training in data management software such as STATA, SPSS, Epi data packages and we continue to invest in these programs with fresh outlook and focus. Our programs have evolved with changing times.
Recently PADRI went through a restructuring which included implementation of the best research management practices with the purpose of providing timely solutions and increasing efficiency and effectiveness in supporting the research industry through capacity building. We streamlined our management and operations, strengthened our leadership, improved our services and enhanced our communications with all our stakeholders.
We launched our website and moved to a new environmentally and friendly office, which is set with sustainable materials. Our logo is designed to highlight our bright future, while the website shows our commitment to streamlining and technology. Our office demonstrates our commitment to environmental sustainability. We have prepared our four-year strategic plan, “strategic plan 2013/14-2016/17”, to guide us through the next stage and to help meet the needs of our stakeholders. This plan and our management team have the Foundation poised to make significant contributions.